Steve Holmstrom is a business owner, evangelist, author, husband, and father of five. He often says, "I'm a part-time businessman, part-time preacher, and full-time friend of God!" His greatest passion is pursuing the presence of the Lord and you can hear him preach for free on his ministry's website,


The Marinade Bible Meditation app is something he created, first, for himself. His passion for meditation on the Word of God led him to go searching for an app that would make meditation easier to accomplish with his busy life. Unfortunately (for him) he couldn't find an app that would do everything he wanted. He wanted one with audio features, the ability to take notes, organize favourite passages into files, share those files with friends, Apple watch features, and so much more. After trying a multitude of memorization and meditation apps, he finally decided to hire a team of app designers to build him exactly what he wanted. The Marinade Bible Meditation App was born!